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Specialist Glass

With modern advances in glass technology, we're able to offer a number of exciting options for privacy and striking contemporary aesthetics. These innovative forms of glass can be incorporated into windows, conservatories, doors and screens to give high-tech function and a contemporary feel to any interior.

Adaptive LDC switchable glass

Adaptive LDC switchable glass becomes opaque at the flick of a switch, without any need for blinds, screens or curtains. At the activation of a small electric current, this incredible glass changes its appearance, turning a transparent window or dividing screen into an opaque barrier.

Back painted glass

Back painted glass has brought a new look to contemporary interior design. The back of a pane of glass is painted, making the glass opaque and coloured, to give a modern look that's as subtle or as bold as you like. Back painted glass can be incorporated into doors, windows and other household features as a striking alternative to wood or plain glass.
We offer a range of back painted glass in various colours.

Double-glazed glass with integral blinds

As part of your bespoke window, conservatory or door, we can incorporate Venetian blinds that are encased within the panes of the double-glazing. This innovative form of shade allows for easy opening and closing of shutters, with no tangling and no dangling cords. Integrated blinds appear sleek and contemporary, and they require no fiddly dusting or cleaning as the entire blind is sealed within the double-glazing.

Integrated Venetian blinds are safe and easy to operate, and because the simple control panel can be located at the bottom of the window, these blinds are also ideal for rooms used by children or less able adults.

Contact us to find out more, or to discuss the ways in which these technologies can be incorporated into your interior designs.