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Wood Flooring

Real wood flooring is an elegant, natural and flexible choice for your home, and a fantastic investment. It creates a sense of space and will last a lifetime with only a very manageable amount of cleaning and maintenance. We're able to source a wide range of solid or engineered timbers, including European oak, and we'll happily advise you on a style that's sympathetic to the appearance and function of your room.

Flooring can be supplied unfinished, lacquered or oiled. We'll happily guide you on the right choice for your home and lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We'll happily visit sites throughout Yorkshire, Cumbria, the Lake District and other areas to assess your needs and offer advice on style and materials.

Wooden flooring has many advantages over laminate or carpet:

It's varied
With a range of softwoods (such as pine) and hardwoods (including fine European oak) available, we'll help you find a colour and tone to suit your tastes. You'll be surprised at the variety on offer.

It's easy to maintain
It's a myth that wooden floors require constant care and attention. When manufactured and fitted properly, wooden flooring will last much longer than carpet or laminate with only a minimal amount of regular cleaning. Modern stains and finishes make cleaning of your wooden floor as manageable as sweeping or vacuuming, and you need only use specialist cleaning products once in a while.

It adds value to your home
Wooden flooring lasts longer than other floors, and the natural tones are complementary to most interior decor styles. It's a solution that will last throughout generations of living and years of redecorating.

Wooden flooring is also a sensible financial investment for your home. Estate agents frequently claim that houses with wooden floors are higher in value and higher in demand.

It's hypoallergenic
Real wood flooring provides a clean, smooth surface that doesn't harbour dust and allergens to the same extent as carpet. This makes it a great choice of flooring for family homes.

It's eco-friendly
Wooden flooring is a natural resource that is renewable and recyclable. Our manufacturing process ensures minimum waste; we recycle all our wood shavings and cuttings.